Solar – Photovoltaic System

Installing a solar (Photovoltaic) power system on your facility can be an excellent long term strategy for reducing energy costs today while investing in a platform for power generation for years to come. Determining if solar is the correct fit your business is our job. NEC has developed a 4 step process to expedite and simplify solar analysis as follows:

  1. Site evaluation
  2. System design
  3. Financial analysis and payback
  4. Installation and utility interconnection

Can Solar power your business’s sustainable energy initiatives

Understanding how solar works and the various options available to you as a building owner or manager is the key to determining if a solar installation is beneficial for your operation. NEC can assist in simplifying the process and give you an adequate understanding of how a system is built from the ground up. In addition, we will explain to you how the system can work economically utilizing various financial incentives available both at the State and Federal level.

While some companies can leave you with more questions than answers, with NEC, you’ll fully understand your options with our simple, yet highly detailed solar analysis tool at your disposal. NEC is a NABCEP certified solar PV installer. 

Our certification places us in a unique group of companies that have passed a rigorous certification process that demonstrates a very high level of technological aptitude for the design and installation of a solar PV array. In addition, our highly trained staff of engineering and technical associates gives us the ability to design, install, test, commission, and maintain a system.

Solar arrays can be located either on your roof or in a ground mounted array. NEC will handle the details for you including engineering, structural and roof analysis, zoning, and interconnection with your utility. Once installed, we take care of annual maintenance, energy credits, and output data while you harvest the savings of your electrical generation.

ASHRAE Energy Audit

To learn more, or to schedule an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit, contact us today for a free fact-finding consultation.


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