The Challenge

Crosset Company’s Kentucky facility was experiencing continuous premature failures on microprocessor-based control boards in their ammonia cooling systems, as well as unexplained failures on their IT system.

Company personnel quantified the problems at $20,000 a year in maintenance, downtime, and replacement costs as well as premature degradation of components.

The Solution

NEC personnel met with Crosset staff to review the problem and learn what measures had taken place to remedy the situation. We learned that Crosset, in conjunction with their electrical contractor, had spent nearly two years attempting to isolate the core problem at significant expense with no solution.

Utilizing a sophisticated real time power quality scanner which was set up to monitor and graph the power quality within the plant on a continuous, real-time basis, we collected more advanced data which uncovered a very clear harmonic distortion on the 12th harmonic.

Having isolated the harmonic, we then installed a custom designed filter for the incoming power which effectively solved the problem.

$20,000 in annual savings

Improved power quality

Having isolated the harmonic distortion, NEC installed a custom filter for the incoming power which effectively solved the recurring IT failure.

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6 Month ROI

The implemented solution completely eliminated the harmonic conditions and repeated IT failures saving $20,000 dollars annually. The ROI for the solution was less than 6 months.

Additional soft dollar savings were realized in system uptime and extension of component life cycle.


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