The Challenge

Nice-Pak maintenance staff was challenged with reducing maintenance costs and utility expenses associated with operations. Additionally, staff had complained about the low and inconsistent light output in key areas of manufacturing and warehousing.

It was also mentioned that there were staff and product security issues in the parking lot and loading dock areas and that the lighting levels were poor.

The Solution

NEC delivered a turnkey Lighting Upgrade for all fixtures in the warehouse, manufacturing and exterior areas, which delivered 35% increase in light output and a 60% decrease in energy consumption.

Additionally, low-traffic areas were identified by NEC as part of the Assessment and Recommendations to implement controls which would automatically turn fixtures off and on based on staff occupancy. Inefficient exterior fixtures were replaced with high-efficiency T5 exterior fixtures for increased light output and better color rendering. Installation of the new fixtures involved working around a 24/7 manufacturing operation so as to not interrupt standard manufacturing operations.

NEC Project Management worked with the Nice-Pak management team to develop a Project Plan which involved installation around the clock, 6 days/week.

Warehouse Before

Warehouse After

HID Fixtures Replaced


Improved Light Output


Decrease In Energy Use

$ savings annually

NEC Turnkey Lighting Solutions

Lighting Upgrade

Reduced operating hours of fixtures in low-traffic area with motion-sensing controls. Improved light output by over 35%; consistent color rendering.

We Found Nice-Pak Some Nice Savings

Annual energy savings of over $61,000.

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Better Work Environment.

Matt Litchfield, project engineer for Nice-Pak, said the project was spurred by the guaranteed energy savings, and said a residual affect was better lighting. “I’ve received nothing but positive feedback about the new lighting,” Litchfield said. “The employees can see a lot better, and management loves the lighting because we are seeing the energy savings promised to us from the start.”

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