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Headquartered in Columbus (OH) on the OSU campus, EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. Since 1984, EWI has provided applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to leaders in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical, energy & chemical, government, and heavy manufacturing industries. By matching our expertise in materials joining, forming, testing, and modeling to the needs of forward-thinking manufacturers, we successfully create practical, efficient, and effective solutions in product design, fabrication, and production.

As a result of our Building Energy Audit in 2012, we identified several areas for building improvements. The primary concern with EWI ownership and operations was the leaking 150K SF roof. The roof leaks required buckets and umbrellas to protect workers and equipment. Other areas identified for energy improvements were upgrading office lighting and a Power Quality Management System to replace existing lighting/overvoltage system.

The Challenge

As a non-profit entity, EWI was challenged with the cost of replacing the roof with a capital investment of over $750,000.



The Solution

National Energy Control partnered with several strategic partners – Deregulated Energy Services, Demand Response, Roofing – to provide a uniquely structured PV Solar project which included comprehensive Building Envelope & Energy Conservation Measures.

The following is a summary of the project:

  1. Exterior & T8 Office Lighting upgrade w/ lighting controls.
  2. Demand Response Load Shedding.
  3. Deregulated Energy Contract.
  4. Power Quality Management System protecting the entire facility and mission-critical equipment from any over-voltage events.
  5. 150 KW PV Solar roof-mounted solar array.

The entire Solution was funded by a private investor secured by National Energy. The investor offset over 60% of the investment with tax incentives from solar and the remaining balance through a 7-year Operating Lease between the newly created Special Purpose Entity and EWI. The unique structure of the project allowed EWI to have the roof issues resolved as well as reduced operating costs resulting from the above implemented measures. Furthermore, $275,000 of the project cost was funded through AEP Rebates for PV Solar and Lighting Upgrades. .

Over 275K of project costs funded by rebates!

Lighting Upgrade Generates $$$

Lighting upgrade generating over $10,000/yr. in savings.

Reduced overall operating costs

Over $170,000 in reduced operating costs (11% of total electrical spend), generating almost $500,000 in positive cash flow over the first 5-years.

Shopping for a Dereg. Supplier Pays Big

Electrical rates reduced by over 50% w/ new deregulated services contract, generating savings of over $129,000/yr.

PV Solar array generating over 200,000 kWh annually

An offset of electrical costs of $13,000/yr. and a sustainable energy stream for the next 30 yrs. Generating over 5.85M kWh

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The Final Results...

The lease structure provided all measures to be installed for EWI while not investing any upfront or Capital funds.


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