The Challenge

Existing inefficient heating system consuming large quantities of natural gas and causing significant temperature stratification between floor and ceiling driving stack effect.

The Solution

NEC’s solution was to replace the Unit Heater System currently in use, with energy efficient Direct-fired Blow-thru Space Heaters from Cambridge Engineering. The Direct-fired Blow-thru Space Heater uses 100% outdoor air improving indoor air quality.

It also provides high velocity discharge air eliminating higher ceiling temperatures and uncomfortable drafts nearly eliminating infiltration due to stack effect.

Energy Efficient Lighting

New lighting = huge savings


Reduced Gas Consumption


Reduced Run-Time Hours


New Power Factor


Air Quality Improved

Increased Power Factor to 95% eliminating Penalties

Improved Efficiency, Avoid Penalties

Power factor correction capacitors eliminated penalties and brought overall PF to 95%

Cleaner Air

Improved indoor air quality using new fresh air intake capability.

Cut Total Electric Spend

Total electric spend for lighting reduced by $55,000/year.

Reduced Runtime

New LED freezer fixtures with motion sensors improved light levels while reducing run-time hours by 65%.

Ready to see what NEC can do
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Quality Results. Quick ROI.

The result of the heating system upgrade was 42% natural gas savings with a simple payback of just over 2 years, all while improving the comfort of the building.


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