The Challenge

As a retailer, Ashley is concerned with the customer buying experience and ensuring that the lighting systems maximize the visual impact of their furniture. A secondary requirement is that the lighting achieves the highest degree of energy efficiency, low maintenance, and minimum replacement costs. Existing 400 watt HID lighting was energy inefficient and produced low lumen levels while experiencing higher than average lamp and ballast failure.

The Ashley facility is cooled by several RTUs. Because of their age, there was no secondary level of compressor controls to monitor overall cooling function.

As a result, the compressors and humidity control ran in inefficient cycles leading to premature wear of these motors and excessive cooling costs. To further complicate matters, the site was experiencing unexplained electrical irregularities which was damaging equipment and causing interruption in IT and phone systems.

The Solution

NEC, in conjunction with Ashley store designers tested several different fixtures to find the right combination of desired lumen levels (brightness) and color rendering (color temperature). Through a collaborate effort with NEC strategic partners, we were able to design a lighting system that met Ashley’s specific lighting requirements while maximizing energy efficiency.

After analyzing the cooling RTUs, NEC technicians were able to wire intelligent controls on the compressor motors thereby maximizing the efficiency of the entire system. Now cooling loads are matched accurately to ambient temperatures without resorting to changes in temperature settings of the thermostats.

Finally, NEC technicians measured readings on the electrical system and discovered significant amounts of transient voltage. They then hard wired SPD (Surge Protection Devices) to all electrical branch panels to clean up the power and eliminate voltage irregularities.

Show room Before

Show room After


Light Levels Increased


Decrease in energy use


Increased Sales


Reduced Cooling Costs

Improvements Increased sales over 13%

Lighting Upgrade

NEC provided a lighting and power upgrade to Ashley Furniture using a special financing plan that required no “out of pocket” costs

Netted Some Serious cash

Client realized a net free cashflow of over $25,000 annually

Extensive Demographic Studies

New lighting design improved sales floor light levels while reducing expense

Extensive Demographic Studies

Air conditioning controls maintained optimum temperatures while reducing compressor loads and AC expense

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The Results Were Amazing

After installation, average building light levels were increased by over 50% while decreasing energy use for lighting by over 55%. Customers “raved” about the new lighting according to Ashley management.

Sales staffs were extremely pleased as well and felt the new lighting really accentuated the merchandise. Same store sales increased by over 13%.

Overall cooling costs were reduced by over 15%, while power quality improvements were achieved in post-SPD measurements by NEC personnel.


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