Facility Lighting

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Energy Efficient Lighting

NEC offers a diverse line of affordable, high performance, energy-efficient lighting solutions that provide an alternative to the inefficient fixtures, ballasts, and lamps prevalent in many facilities. We will design a custom commercial or industrial lighting solution utilizing the latest technology based on a thorough evaluation of your existing environment and existing lighting. We focus on the following: Light level requirements in all areas Utility rebates available Maximizing energy reductions Need for lighting controls/feasibility of controls

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Interior and Exterior Lighting

NEC offers both high and low bay fixtures, along with retrofit kits and LED lighting for office applications. A variety of reflector options for low and high bay applications are available as well as integrated motion controls and dimmable ballasts for further energy conservation.

Exterior solutions include new fixtures or lamps/retrofit kits for pole lights, canopy lights, flood lights, and wall packs.

Where Should I Start?

Every facility and type of work performed requires a specific lighting solution. We will need to conduct a brief interview with your building operator, perform a walk-through of your facility, and have at least 12 months of utility bill data. We build the right lighting solution, the first time.

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Custom Lighting Design

Since no two facilities are alike, NEC provides professional, customized lighting design services as a standard offering. We offer a full line of interior and exterior lighting fixtures for a variety of applications. These include offices, warehouses, manufacturing, sports facilities, landscape as well as custom applications.

Our in house lighting experts are constantly evaluating new technologies as they hit the market. In most cases, we’ll field test most products to ensure that they meet the highest standards for efficiency and durability.

Lighting Too Cool

Bright white light might make things easy to see, but can also cause more light to reflect off of surfaces.

Lighting Too HOT

Too much warm light can make it harder to focus on tasks, but can create a more comforting environment when compared to cool white light.


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