ASHRAE Energy Audit

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The NEC audit

NEC begins an engagement with a preliminary audit of a facility by our trained technicians. There are three levels of audits beginning with a basic review of the power distribution, mechanical, and lighting infrastructure, to a more advanced (ASHRAE) level audit for larger facilities. If necessary, a more comprehensive data accumulation audit utilizing the latest in electronic metering and infrared equipment can be conducted for building modeling analysis. From these audits, we can begin to target specific areas of inefficiency with a variety of energy optimization products and solutions. In most cases, these technologies are integrated into a working “system”, which we call Total Energy Optimization (TEO). All of our solutions are wrapped around an energy savings guarantee with a firm ROI.

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Improve Operating Efficiency

When complete, an ASHRAE Level 1 provides an overview as to what amount of energy various parts of the building are using. It also details “no” and “low-cost” measures which can be undertaken on the building to reduce energy needs and improve efficiency.

We use the ASHRAE 90 Energy Standard and ASHRAE 62.1 2010

Where Should I Start?

We will need to conduct a brief interview with your building operator, perform a walk-through of your facility, and have at least 12 months of utility bill data. For most buildings, we can turn around an ASHRAE Level 1 within one week.

To learn more, or to schedule an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit, contact us today for a free 30 minute fact-finding consultation.


Due to varying configurations and levels of operational management of buildings, we first must make a brief visit to the site to accurately give a price quote.


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